SEO matters to your website. Here’s how and why.

05 Jan 2018 / Search Engine Optimization
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

Why SEO Matters To Your Website - What is SEO? It is the process where you structure your content on the website in such a way that search engines love to index your site thereby helping your potential customers reach you. The goal of a search engine is to help its users find the right content. As a business, your job is to provide content and structure in such a way that search engines recommend your content to its users. For SEO services in Dubai, get in touch with any of our experts at Infoquest.

Here are some of the reasons why SEO matters and why you would be doing a mistake not concentrating on it:

Ranking in Google:

Getting yourself ranked highly on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) is a huge achievement for most online businesses. It is important because even the ones that are digging for a lot of information would usually not go beyond the 5th or 6th page on the search engine results. If you want to get results when people search for businesses related to your niche, make sure that you optimize your page, mobile pages, articles, etc. If you want to get ranked on top for your niche and are looking for SEO services in Dubai, look no further than Infoquest.

Think of SEO as a 24*7 Marketing team:

If yours is a business that either sells a product on the Internet or you don’t mind getting a business enquiry any time of the day, then SEO is your best bet as getting discovered is your goal. Doing proper SEO means that you are diverting potential customers to your website who were searching for a service similar to what you are offering. You get inbound requests which are more powerful than when you get leads through an outreach program. Social Media agencies in Dubai that are doing brilliant business for their clients are the ones who you should approach.

SEO’s benefits trickle to offline businesses as well:

You might not have a website because all your business comes offline. You can still stand out when people search for your establishment by including these: Google’s My Business Page, Facebook page, and Twitter handle, and by getting into WhatsApp Marketing. If yours is a restaurant, you would still want tourists to come and dine at your place, right? Give them a chance to find you online. For Search Engine Optimization in Dubai for any kind of business that is looking to become more successful contact any of Infoquest’s experts.

SEO will help you get results from any platform:

There are a lot of social media platforms right now using which you can not only get results from Google and other Search engines. If your content and website are optimized according to the requirements of SEO, you can expect your potential customers to find you in a much easier manner. Cross-promote the content on one platform to other platforms as well. The keywords might work differently based on the platform, but the fact that you have done the basics of SEO right and are producing evergreen content, you are at a step higher than your competitors.

At Infoquest, when clients are looking for Search Engine Optimization in Dubai, our solution is geared towards understanding why they want to do SEO and creating a roadmap for them accordingly. For good Digital Marketing in Dubai, you need to ask for referrals and more often than not, you would be directed to us.

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