How does SEO drive more traffic and why is it important?

26 Jan 2018 / Search Engine Optimization
Author: Moin Mohammed, Infoquest DMCC

How Does SEO Drive More Traffic And Why Is It Important? - Are you struggling to get visitors to your website? If or are looking for the services of an SEO Company Dubai, Infoquest can do the job for you and get your website a prominent place on top of the search engine pages which results in more traffic, leads, and sales conversions. For entrepreneurs, SEO is something they look at as a technique that can be mastered overnight; unfortunately, it is not the case. SEO is complex; it is not just about adding the right keywords to the right article.

Let’s see what can be a good SEO strategy and how it helps with more traffic:

Having a content strategy:

In SEO, content is as important as finding the right keywords for your niche. If you are a small or a medium-sized business then spending on ads might not be something that will be up your alley as inorganic ad spending is a lot. What can you do in a situation like that? You can create content that lots of people are eager to consume. If your business is in the restaurant industry, the kinds of content that people will consume are videos of food, isn’t it? In fact, food videos have shown the highest traction. Create quality content around your niche and optimize it for SEO. When you search for an SEO agency, you also need to check if they are adept at understanding what kind of content works well in your niche.

SEO Content Strategy

Do White Hat SEO:

Does Black Hat SEO really work? Of course, it does, but do you want to see a dip in visitors along with the potential danger that your site could be penalized when there is a change in the algorithm of the search engines? If you create content that is stuffed with keywords but doesn’t have useful content for your readers, it will harm your reputation. You might want to work with SEO in Dubai that works only on White Hat SEO techniques.

White Hat SEO Dubai

Making the audience identify your content as relevant:

If your content is more about helping your audience than just about making sure your articles are SEO-compliant, your readers will respect you for that by visiting your site more often. Readers do not want to be associated with a website whose only intention is to manipulate you into clicking on their link. When you consistently give out content that is searched for, you will surely start getting featured on the top pages of search engines. For Digital Marketing in Dubai, get connected with our team of experts at Infoquest for a discovery call.

Implement a link-building strategy:

You can build high-quality links with an outreach campaign and also by integrating them with your content strategy. It is unwise to use directories where you stuff your links, those are passé. Stay ahead of the curve by being creative with your link-building strategy. Look for businesses where you can contribute content, connect with bloggers in your industry, and track your competitor’s backlinks- to name a few. For a web design company in Dubai that has worked with a lot of businesses regarding SEO, check out Infoquest’s credentials.

Reverse hack your way to creating good content:

Coming up with content ideas is a struggle as there are a lot of competitors who are trying to do the same. Instead of seeing what you want to give the customers, why don’t you check what your customers are searching for and create content accordingly? Go to Quora, search for your niche and see the questions that people have asked about your niche. See if you can provide the maximum value on each of these questions. Use this on other platforms as well; see the questions that are raised the most in your niche by your potential clients. Some of the platforms which you can make use of such as LinkedIn, Quora, and Reddit.

Now that we have given you some ideas on how you can do SEO for your business as well as giving you an overview of the benefits of doing SEO, what is your opinion about a business taking it up to drive more visitors to your website? Share your thoughts on the comments below. If this makes you think about looking for SEO services, Infoquest is here to help you with your needs.

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